Upcoming Events

In addition to our ongoing direct youth services, the CrossRoads team works hard to bring awareness and fundraising events to our community throughout the year. 

Check out our upcoming events below.

You can also contact us if you have an

idea for a campaign or would like to

schedule an awareness presentation 

at your organization.

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Coming Up!

Oct 7 & 8, 2023

Pull on your cowboy boots, saddle up, and get ready to ride from wherever you are to help empower at-risk youth to THRIVE through equine mentoring and more!

Raise the Roof
Trail Ride!
Horse Summer Camp!

August 2023


Our youth, horses, and staff were sad to see our summer day camps come to an end.

Lots of fun, bonding, and learning happened; in the saddle, on the obstacle course, during grooming and groundwork, in the classroom, during art time, while running through the sprinkler, and during the sharing at wrap-up each day.

Everyone is already eagerly looking forward to next summer!