Equine Mentoring Day Program

How You Can Help

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Get Started

A Safe Place to Grow

Because horses react only to behavior and emotions and are not biased by physical appearance or past choices, our clients are allowed to interact in a completely non-judgmental framework.

Session Length

Our session cycles are nine weeks long. Each session is 90 minutes, with a combination of equine mentoring and group processing.

Ages Served

Our Equine Mentoring Day Program serves all youth, ages 10-19.

Session Frequency

We currently run multiple nine-week after-school  sessions each year. If you are interested in getting more information or enrolling yourself or someone you know, don't hesitate to contact us!

Session Goals

Our clients are paired 1:1 with a horse and trained adult mentor. This provides the opportunity to process traumas and learn emotional skills for improved outcomes throughout their lives.


Our mentors seek to "see and hear" their mentees as they interact together with the horse. They aim to create a safe place for sharing or to hold space for the client to be silent as needed.

A Typical Session

Each week the youth spends time learning and bonding with their horse as they may groom, tack, ground-work, and ride.  In all of this they are developing skills that connect to other areas of life. The time ends with group processing where they can learn from their peers in a safe confidential environment.


"The results speak for themselves..."

Counselor of 17 year old

“Her behavior at school is much improved and her out of control outbursts have been so much less. She is giving herself more grace when things are hard for her and she is so
proud when she talks about the accomplishments with “her horse””.

Mother of 14 year old

“My daughter’s anxiety had gotten so bad that she was pulling her hair out and having rage outbursts over seemingly nothing. Your amazing horses and mentors have surpassed my deepest hopes. It's like I have my baby girl back! God bless you all and your wonderful financial supporters."

Father of 15 year old

“My son needed this win in his life! He struggles in so many areas it breaks my heart. But when he shares about "his horse and mentor" he shows a confidence that I have never seen in him before! This is spilling over to so many other areas of his life. I can't begin to thank you enough for everything you are doing for him and our whole family!"




CrossRoads Youth Ranch is located in lush green western Washington. While this comes with much natural beauty, it also means a lot of rain.

We are currently raising funds to add a covered riding arena for the ministry property. This will allow us to extend our day programming to be year-round. With a long waiting list for each session, our goal is to be ready to build our arena by the end of 2023. Click below to learn more about how you can help!