(in development)
Phase One

will be in an undisclosed location with strict security and safety to help the client HEAL as they make a safe and complete break from “the life" of sexual exploitation.

(Up to 8-12 months)

Phase Two

will have less restrictions and more earned privileges as the teen continues to GROW. This phase, on average is the longest of the three.

(Up to 2-3 years)

Phase Three

will provide a transitional home to encourage the teen to THRIVE with more independence as they transition into adulthood.

(Up to 1-3 years)




Our residential program will provide a three-phased, trauma-informed healing environment for teen girls who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation.

All Phases Will Provide
  • Safe residential family setting
  • Professional individual therapy
  • Full equine therapy program
  • Daily group sessions
  • Alternative therapies (i.e. art, wilderness, movement, etc.) 
  • Life skill classes
  • Access to addiction rehab and relapse prevention
  • Personalized education with certified teachers
  • Life coaching towards future

"In my professional opinion, Kim Bryan is uniquely qualified to successfully launch and operate "CrossRoads Youth Ranch" for underage survivors of sex trafficking. She has the background and professional experience to understand the issues that CrossRoads will be dealing with, and the organizational skills to manage this agency appropriately.

I have looked at her business plan and have had extensive conversations with her

in person, and I have never seen someone so thoroughly organized and prepared

to implement a ministry of this nature. I fully support CrossRoads Youth Ranch and

am excited to have a partner ministry in Northwest Washington who is providing

restorative services and trauma-informed therapy for sex trafficking victims."

- Aaron Newcomb, Co-Founder of Engedi Refuge, Lynden, WA

A Word of Support

Our girls and horses experience a unique bond that promotes

emotional restoration.

Clients are empowered through time spent learning skills and processing experiences in a safe environment.



Our donor family members are a crucial part of making this residential program a reality.

Consider making a gift with a life-changing impact.

Residential Girl's Program