The Residential Program

Each Phase Provides
CrossRoads is Three-Phase Holistic
Trauma Informed Program

  • Safe residential family setting
  • Professional individual therapy
  • Full equestrian program & therapy
  • Daily group sessions: Wilderness therapy, art therapy, movement therapy, mindfulness.
  • Life skill classes
  • Access to addiction rehab and relapse prevention
  • Personalized education with Certified Teacher
  • Life Coaching for future life plan

Phase One

The home will be in an undisclosed location with strict security and safety to help the client HEAL as they make a safe and complete break from “the life.” (Up to 8-12 months)

Phase Two

The home will have less restrictions and more earned privileges as the teen continues to GROW. This phase, on average is the longest of the three. (Up to 2-3 years)

Phase Three

A transitional home encouraging the teen to THRIVE with more independence as they transition into adulthood or into specially trained foster homes if needed. (Up to 1-3 years)