Each client is paired with a trauma-informed trained adult mentor and one of our amazing horses. This facilitates a safe non-judgemental environment for the youth to process challenges and express emotion.


Our youth are empowered to grow through the care they give to their horse and the regular interactions with peers in a safe space during sessions. They are able to transfer these skills to other emotional and social contexts throughout their lives. 

Our Mission

Our team of staff, mentors, and four-legged therapists are dedicated to helping our clients heal from the trauma they have experienced, grow in skills to help them stay safe and healthy, and learn how to thrive as the incredible and unique individuals they are.

Through intentional nurturing, our youth are empowered to gain a healthy self-image and personal boundaries that will impact their everyday lives. Clients are also offered the opportunity for personalized life coaching as needed, and every youth will have "pay it forward" opportunities, if they choose, to share their story and victories when appropriate.


Laura Schonberg

Professional Horse Trainer and

Equine Program Facilitator

Don Bryan

Pastor, Mentor, and

Ranch Grounds Manager

Kim Bryan

Executive Director and

Ranch Equine Manager

The mission of CrossRoads Youth Ranch is to empower at-risk and sexually exploited youth to find holistic healing through our client-centered, trauma-informed programming.