Four-Legged Therapists

A Special Relationship

Research shows that youth who typically shun physical and emotional closeness with other people will often accept it from an animal.

A Safe Space

Because horses react only to behavior and emotions and are not biased by physical appearance or past choices, the youth is allowed to interact in a completely non-judgmental framework.

Our Equine Team
Rojo: "The Big Man in Charge"
Rojo is an inquisitive, professionally trained, registered quarter horse who loves cuddles and attention.
Penny: "Patient as the Day is Long"
Penny is a sweet old mare who's "done it all" & really tries to help our youngest clients learn the ropes. 
Tucker: "I'm with Hawk..."
Tucker is a gated breed. The bigger half of the Tucker/Hawk duo, he enjoys a good brushing and reads emotion quite well.
Hawk: "I'm with Tucker..."
The smallest of our herd, Hawk makes up for his size with a big personality. But his stubborness draws out courage & confidence.
"Mari" (Mariposa): "The New Kid"
Our youngest horse is a gentle soul. Professionally trained with a sweet & curious disposition, we're looking forward to watching her continue to grow alongside our youth.

Benefits of Equine Therapy

Fast Feedback

Being a prey and herd animal our four-legged therapists are hyper vigilant and sensitive, thus making them keen observers. This means that their feedback is provided earlier and more consistently than with humans.


With their innate tendency to mirror behavior, physical movements and emotions, our horses help "their kid" to be more aware of themselves and to feel understood.


Feedback and mirroring are just a few examples of how our horse's consistency helps our youth to heal, while increasing self-awareness and confidence.

Equine Sponsor Partnerships

Help us care for our crucial four-legged team members!


Every horse is a priceless part of our team and their quality care includes many expenses such as hay, grain, vet care, and tack. Our monthly cost per horse is around $300. Both full and partial monthly sponsorships are available.

Consider how you can help us give the gift of "horsey healing" today.