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sexually exploited youth to find holistic healing through

trauma-informed equine programming.

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Ever Experienced A Horse Hug?

It has been observed that youth who commonly shun physical and emotional closeness with other people often accept it from an animal.

Highlights from our 2023 Run to THRIVE Virtual 5k
Thanks to all who ran (or gave) to THRIVE!

As we begin our fall afterschool sessions, our youth, horses, & staff are still enjoying the echoes of our summer day camp program.

Lots of fun, bonding, and learning happened - in the saddle, on the obstacle course, during grooming and groundwork, in the classroom, doing art, and during the wrap-up sharing each day.

Everyone is already eagerly looking forward to next summer!

Our Youth with their horses & mentors

Growing together on the obstacle course

Galloping into Autumn