Our Goal Is:
The teens served will
feel safe enough to HEAL...
choose to GROW... 
and be empowered to THRIVE!

~ Emotional healing facilitated with Sexual Assault Therapy, Art & Movement Therapy, and Equestrian Therapy
~ Addiction recovery facilitated through professional services and inclusive 12-step programming for relapse prevention
~ Spiritual healing through Bible study, spiritual counseling, prayer and personal devotion
~ Medical care facilitated through local services

~ Personalized individual learning plans implemented under supervision of Certified Teacher
~ Social growth opportunities with life skill classes and daily interaction on the ranch
~ Vocational experiences gained through community networks and social enterprises
~ College path coaching as desired

~ Through intentional nurturing the girls are empowered to gain a healthy self-image, 

   personal safe boundaries, etc.
~ Each Teen engages in personal life-coaching for individual future planning.
~ Each teen has mentors and prayer partners as desired
~ Every Teen will have "pay it forward" opportunities, if they choose, to share their story and victories when appropriate

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