It has been observed that teens who ordinarily shun physical and emotional closeness with other people often accept it from an animal.

Both Lives Finding Restoration

CrossRoads Youth Ranch occasionally rescues abused and neglected horses.

These animals take extra care; providing ample opportunity for our Teens to nurture as they are loved unconditionally in return.

Equestrian Sponsor Partners

Every four-legged mentor or therapist is a priceless part of our program. Even with the generous in-kind donations of feed, vet care, tack, etc their are continual expenses that must be provided.

Won't you consider a monthly sponsorship of one of our four-legged team members today? 

Perhaps you could join with your 4-H club, Sunday/Sabbath School Class, family or friends to help provide the healing in horse hair!  

The Average Monthly Cost Per Horse is $300

You can choose full or partial sponsorships:

Being a prey and herd animal our four-legged therapists are hyper vigilant and sensitive, thus making them keen observers. This means that their feedback is provided earlier and more consistently than with  humans.

With their innate tendency to mirror behavior, physical movements and emotions, they help "their girl" to be more aware of herself and to

“feel understood”. 

This feedback and mirroring are just an example of the many crucial therapy elements which help the Teen heal while increasing self-esteem and




Because horses react only to behavior and emotions and are not biased by physical appearance or past choices, the Teen is allowed to interact in a completely non-judgmental framework.

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